Ukrainian Orthodox Church   of St. Andrew the Apostle
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1630 Dupont St. Toronto ON M6P 3S7  Tel: (416) 766-7511
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!         Welcome to St. Andrew's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is part of the  Eastern Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. Our parish  unites faithful from a wide variety of backgrounds, both those born in Ukraine  and in Canada.We invite everyone to join our parish family and to take part in  our rich liturgical and community life.         Devine services are celebrated every Sunday and feast day, as shown  on the schedule of Devine Services. For special observances (baptisms,  weddings, funerals, house blessings, etc.) please contact Fr.Vasyl directly or  inquire at the church office.Requests for prayers for the living or the departed  during the liturgy may be submitted at the front of the church, where candles  are sold.         In accordance with Orthodox practice, those wishing to participate in  Holy Communion must prepare themselves through fasting and confession  (except infants and children under age 7). Confession is offered prior to the  start of every liturgy.       The church hall is available for rent. Please inquire at the church office.  There is extra parking immediately north of the church at the public  school on Edwin Avenue.   
Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 10:00   am  Свята Літургія кожної неділі о 10:00 год. ранку 
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